Thursday, 31 January 2013

Photography-Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography
Whilst creating Photography, I decided to look at the process of Exposure images and decided to also look at something different other than the standard portrait and decided to try to convey human emotions as this creates a whole new set of ideas for the viewer every time they look at a different emotion and think that to capture certain emotions like rage, upset etc can create some eyecatching imagery for the viewer, as we normally as people dont like to see this in others but in a image can make the results more appealing.
The following images were self portraits taken by my friend and fellow artist Sam Stevenson see Behance
I dont take any credit for these pictures but feel they show the life, emotion and feeling and create a more diverse portrait, to which my friend understood completely and achieved this with incredible success in clarity.

I may be the only one with this concept but think that an image with motion blur as well as exposure can emphasise emotion and can create just as pleasing images as the clearest of photographs.

Throughout the shoot, the light used got quite hot and so came my idea with the concept to show my feelings towards the lightsource!
This I am very pleased with as it creates a more interesting and qwerky image and the noise evoked from it I think is very interesting, this idea of noise was another factor I wanted to incorporate as well as the other aspects mentioned above. 

Images below were Photography that I had taken and looks again at making dynamic portrait shots that evoke a sense of emotion, noise and a combination of focused images and blurred outcomes.

Photographs below are outcomes for a project called "Rhymes Revisited" and look at the idea of the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice, for this I also chose to show the portrait as if the character is in frustration with the loss of sight which creates feelings of sympathy. 

 First set of photos are also shown on the link below: