Sunday, 27 January 2013

Street Art-Self Portrait

The painting shown below is a self portrait that I decided to do in the style of Street Art with a Pop Art influence.
I am interested in this movement and feel it can create subtle art but with an added impact.
I feel that the decision to create a black and white painting helps portray the mood and emotion for the viewer whilst still in keeping with the style I have tried to create.
I am very pleased overall with the way in which this painting turned out and I feel that I have captured the senses of life and emotion.
I always try and create aesthetically pleasing pieces for the viewer not to mention myself!

The left hand image below was the reference image I created by making a motion blur photograph and then using basic photo-editing software on my mobile phone.


From getting feedback on this piece I apparently have the appearance of Roy Wood from Wizzard!Which I can now see, because of the use of black on the bottom half it could resemble a beard, at first I found a little annoying especially as I have been told that on another self portrait I look like
Rolf Harris!

See older post called "Risk Project" which was not solely a self portrait.
I now see this in a humurous light and I suppose it makes it a more diverse portrait!

Who could be the next celebrity I wonder?