Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The following sketches are drawings from the latest Kasabian album "Velociraptor" and are only copies which I did for fun as I have a great interest in album art and music in general.

These are not meant to immitate or plagiarize the fashion designer and artist "Aitor Throup" in any way and were more of an experiment in an attempt to find an art style that I particularly liked, for which I am now very interested in the aspect of detail in drawing. I am drawn to these illustrations and so decided to draw them to practice and perfect my drawing technique as well.



Original-Shown Below 



Johnny Cash-Ink Drawing

The ink drawing shown here is a piece I made for which Ink was the only medium used, I chose not to use pencil to draw it before applying the ink as I think the idea of just drawing straight with ink offers hardly any opportunity for corrections if a mistake is made and so improves a persons drawing ability because of having to work with what you have previously created with the marks. With this in mind, I did use white Gouache paint for slight corrections and to sharpen areas of the outline in the drawing to enhance the likeness of The Man In Black. This piece was inspired by the "Johnny Cash The Classics" album and the card sleeve on this album was used for reference shown below.


Kasabian Ink Drawing
The following ink draing is a copy from The Kasabian album
"Empire" and are fun copies of the original work done by 
"Julie Verhoevan" for which the Original by her is shown above and
on the image below. 

The first image shows the final drawing and then the following ones are close-ups of the mid way point of the ink piece as the final lyrics
"like to see how far I can take it" shown on the left side were'nt added at this point.